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Petrolicious Original Series

I joined Petrolicious when it was first launched in 2014 as a film editor. We first produced one weekly YouTube series called Made To Drive, which revolutionized the way vintage car content was produced. Gone were the host driven shows and cheesy comedy sketches. Along with a female creative director who also came from the film world, we set off to produce mini documentaries that told passionate stories regardless of the cars. This propelled us in a year to be the go-to site for vintage car communication. We soon launched a membership scheme that offered additional original series like Soul Made and Master Mechanics. I edited the first 100 films for Made To Drive, and produced the remaining 2 series. 

Here can view a sample episode for each of the series.


Petrolicious Original Series
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This Porsche 356 Is Driven Against The Grain
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Master Mechanics: Kingsbury Racing Shop
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Soul Made: Replicars Scale Models
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