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About Nadia. Executive Producer, Story Editor, Post Producer, Editor.


Born in the Italian Alps, and emigrated to the US, I began my career as an editor and my passion for social issues documentaries took me around the world to tell stories that spanned across multiple countries. From the civil war in Nepal, to orphanages in India and domestic violence in Europe. Building stories out of years of dailies (for Nepal we had 6 years of footage), taught me to be a better writer and to really dig for the story within, the story that never gets to be told. 

I collaborate with major media players and top luxury brands as an executive producer, story editor and creative. I have produced more than 1,000 hours of content and eight original series spanning multiple seasons. As a creative leader, I have managed production crews of up to 25+ on global shoots for individual projects budgeted at up to $750K each. Across my career, I have worked on creative projects distributed through major outlets such as Amazon, Vice, HBO, Showtime and others.


My Clients

Clients and Networks I collaborated with 

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